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August 2010
Apartment Views - in this update: Proposed changes to Unit Titles regulations attracts wide interest; Changes to Depreciation in the Budget – implications for landlords; Wellington Central median price rises on lower volume; Wellington’s Latest average Weekly Apartment Rentals; Fixing or fl oating your mortgage; Feature Apartment For Sale;
July 2010
Know what you’ve signed up for; Recent Wellington Apartment Sales; Wellington Central Sales; To fi x or fl oat your loan?
June 2010
Residential Tenancies Act - how changes could affect apartment owners and dwellers; REINZ states "Reserve Bank Announcement Good For Property Market"; Wellington Average Weekly Rentals; Wellington Central Sales Update; Recent Wellington Apartment Sales; Feature Apartments For Sale
May 2010
Getting it right when selling an apartment; Additional parking created with changes to Central Wellington; Recent Wellington Apartment Sales; Apartment market update: Wellington Central median price and sale numbers increase; Feature properties
April 2010
Ensure your trust works properly; Landlord advice; Recently Wellington Apartment Sales; Wellington's latest average weekly Apartment rentals
February 2010
Do you need a ‘Contracting Out’ agreement? Wellington Central ends year on a high note Recent Wellington Apartment Sales Wellington Residential Landlord Workshop
March 2010
Changes to the law for apartments takes a further step; Landlord Advice; Latest average weekly rentals; Recent Apartment Sales; Apartment Market comment and median sales; Feature Properties For Sale
January 2010
Homework Required when buying apartments; Recent Wellington Apartment Sales; Wellington Apartment Market Update; Wellington Apartment Rentals; Wellington Apartments For Sale
December 09
Proposals to simplify running of apartment blocks
November 09
Earthquake Strengthening - Could It affect you? This months apartment sales and rentals update and Feature Properties for sale
October 09
Your Will and Your Estate, This months apartment sales and rentals update
September 09
Apartments - Building Consents for internal renovations; Wellington Central Sales Stable....
August 09
Essential Landlord and Tenant Insurance; Avoid surprises when purchasing; Wellington Central sale numbers and prices spike
July 09
Damage in a unit title complex - Who Pays?
June 09
WCC Apartment Dwellers Survey Highlights
May 09
The nature of central city apartment dwellers